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Geology Kits

Geology Science Kits for Kids

Complete collections of gemstones, rocks, minerals, fossils, and crystals all spell out one marvelous area of exploration: geology! If your child loves to explore what’s beneath the surface of our planet, indulge his or her curiosity with any of our geology kits, toys, and sets. From making a volcano to growing crystals, our selection of rocks and minerals projects make it possible.

Your child will be exposed to the changes our rocks, minerals, and semiprecious stones go through over time, as well as what happens when certain rocks interact with other substances. From fossilization to changes in sedimentary, metamorphic, and ingenious rock, our rock and minerals kits educate your child on how our planet changes and develops physically. Did you know that there’s an exciting world beneath your sneakers? Let your child explore the science of geology using any of our geology kits, rock and minerals kits, or rocks and minerals project kits.

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Rock Earth Science Kits ERMR
$12.99 $7.79

Science Lab Logbook
$5.95 $3.57

Crystal Growing Studio (WS917)
$13.99 $8.39

Himalayan Salt Lamps (G6000)
$19.99 $11.99

Coal Filled Pencil
$1.40 $0.84

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